hello there!

My name is Jordan Best. I'm a graphic designer living and working in northern New Jersey. I am a problem solver, and I believe that good communication, with a little bit of gloss, can go a long way. I will work with you to create beautiful pieces to connect with your audience, build your brand, and communicate your message. And I'll do it all with creativity, focus, and coffee-induced cheerfulness.

I specialize in branding packages including logo and template creation; meeting branding; print publications, such as educational booklets, toolkits, and newsletters; and digital communications efforts, including websites (both business card and highly complex functional sites), html email, banner ads, and social media.

While I've spent a lot of time in the corporate world, I love helping small business and not-for-profits find new and effective methods of communicating and connecting with their audiences, whether it's new customers, old faithfuls, or your neighbor down the street.

I landed in Caldwell, New Jersey by way of New York, but got my start in Baltimore, Maryland. You'll find me, my programmer husband, and our two young children, in the brightest, and often loudest, house on the block. While I'm still getting used to the small town vibe, I have to admit it's pretty magical to look up at night and see the stars.